Ever since I hi-jacked my roommates camera at  boarding school I've been hooked on photography. I live in Iceland where the light and the nature are always an inspiration. My photography and sense of aesthetics is probably influenced by my day job as a designer and creative director. I love to observe things and capture the beauty of everyday things in everyday life. 

I've photographed executive portraits for corporate annual reports and advertising campaigns for the New York Times companies, New Balance and the Boston Globe. My instagrams have been published in Chinese City Zine Magazine and my photography has been featured in the National Geographic, the Guardian and the Sunday Telegraph, exhibited in private shows in  Reykjavík, Boston, Las Vegas, Detroit and Ghuangzhou China and in festivals in Northern Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Australia, Poland Okinawa and Spain. My work has furthermore been recognized by the Communication Arts Photography Annual and the Lensculture Exposure Awards.


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